Reflection on Digital Rhetorics

My class project was on how blogging might be used effectively in the secondary classroom to promote that common core ideal of college and career readiness. There was no shortage of research to draw from with this project. So the challenge was to find a focus. I decided to examine the kinds of lessons that are currently being used for blogging in the secondary classroom. Additionally, I researched the various ways in which blogging is theorized to be beneficial for students.

The biggest surprise I had during this project was accidentally discovering the Infographic creator, “Piktochart” while I was searching for reputable blogging lesson plans on I enjoyed creating the infographics that I ultimately incorporated into my project on blogging. I ended up using Piktochart to create the infographic “10 benefits of educational blogging” the presentation of which I believe greatly enhanced my argument. This process of discovering the benefits of blogging was always a part of my project, as I was inspired by James Paul Gee’s article on the benefits of gaming on learning. However, discovering Piktochart was a real turning point for my project, as I discovered a new tool that helped convey a major component of my research in an effective and concise way.

I plan to continue researching the various digital technologies that may bring higher learning and rhetoric into the secondary school setting when they are used effectively and other related topics. I think that this kind of research can serve as my own personal form of professional development. I hope to always increase my knowledge of various sources that might facilitate effective instruction in the classroom.

As a whole, the class has helped me to realize the various ways in which digital technologies affects and can enhance the ways we are able to use rhetoric to make arguments. I will continue to reflect on much of what we have discussed this semester and I hope this class continues to affect the ways in which I will teach students about writing and rhetoric in the future.

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